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can you shoot up clonazepam Then test to see if there is clonazepam in the water, hopefully you can figure out how to do this... ... shoot up, shooting up, slamming, solubility, ...
Can you? I guess you could, but it wouldn't be advisable for health or safety's sake.
yes, you have to dissolve it in alcohol though cause it's not water soluable
The identity of the clonazepam is in question at this point because of the unexpected difficulty in dissolving ... i hope you arent asking so you can shoot up benzos :/ ...
1/5/2012 · Can you shoot up Klonopin? ChaCha Answer: "Klonopin" is a brand name benzodiazepine. ... Klonopin (active ingredient Clonazepam) can stay in your syst...
If you chewed them up and chased them with a shot of Vodka, ... If you must shoot, ... Its pretty pointless unless you can get vials straight from the hospital.
can subscribe to that thread to be notified of any new positions as they come up. If you don't wish to see ... But you can shoot Klonopin by dissolving the tab in ...
Phpbb grouphosted by email me, thank you agree. Diagnosing shooting up clonazepam or alcoholics should watch carefully when very slight reduction.
4/1/2011 · Can you break down and shoot, ... How Can You Shoot Up Clonazepam can i get prescribed to klonopin? Clonazepam ... which can last up to 6 months after you quit Can You Shoot Up Clonazepam taking the pill.
If something bad happens and you don't die from it, you will either end up in jail or a can you snort Clonazepam ... Drugs Question: Can You Shoot Up Suboxone?
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